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What is IRRAC Credit System?
IRRAC Credit System : International Research Recognition and Award Credit System (IRRAC) recognizes outstanding research achievement and awards credits to researchers. The researchers may mainly be awarded credit for Live Activities, Enduring Materials, Performance Improvement, Internet of Learning, and Journal-based Publication.
Disclaimer : Researchers should note that the IRRAC Credit System does not serve as a direct measure of researcher competency and should not be used for that purpose. Researcher competency represents the assessment of many complex measures, of which IRRAC Credit System participation is only one.
IRRAC Credit System Opportunities
IRRAC Credit System may be used to determine membership category and status of researchers. Membership categories are Fellow Members (100 Credits), Distinguished Members (75 Credits), and Senior Members (50 Credits).

Qualified awardees are granted with a certificate and medal:
  • Fellow Members (Gold Medal),
  • Distinguished (Silver Medal),
  • Senior (Bronze Medal).

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