International Science Index

International Scientific Committee and Editorial Board on Chemical and Molecular Engineering

Assist. Prof. Dr. Khaoula Ali Hidouri
Chemical Engireering Department
National Engineering School of Gabes, TN
Engineering Power
Dr. Prakash Mondal
Department of Chemistry
University of Alberta, CA
Spintronics, Molecular Electronics, Charge Transport, Electrical Measurements, Nanofabrication, Coordination Chemistry
Dr. Marius Sebastian Secula
Department of Chemical Engineering
Gheorghe Asachi Technical University of Iași, RO
Chemical Engineering, Water Treatment, Materials Science, Optimization of Chemical Processes
Prof. Dr. Hale Sütcü
Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
Bülent Ecevit University, TR
Fossil Fuels and Biomass Technology (Thermal Analysis, Carbonization, Briquetting, Liquefaction, Desulfurization, Metallurgical Coke Production, Enrichment, Oil Shale, Activated Carbon Technology, Adsorption), Hydrometallurgy
Dr. Boobalan Ramalingam
Department of Chemisty
National Dong Hwa University, TW
Asymmetric Synthesis and Medicinal Chemistry
PhD Candidate Benhsinat Chaimaa
Faculty of Science Ain Chock
University Hassan II , MA
Analytic Chemistry, Environment
Prof. Dr. German González Silva
School of Petroleum Engineering
Industrial University of Santander’s , CO
Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Large Eddy simulation (LES), Fluid Catalytic Cracking, Fluidized Bed Thermodynamic Energy
Dr. Roghaieh Parvizsedghy
Department of Engineering
German University of Technology in Oman, OM
Biofuel and Bioenergy Production, Process Simulation
Dr. Fathi Soliman
Petroleum Refining, Nanotechnology Research Center
Egyptian Petroleum Research Institute, EG
Nano Materials, Ionic Liquids, Petroleum Refining
Dr. Cepi Kurniawan
Department of Chemistry
Universitas Negeri Semarang, ID
Electrochemistry, Electrocatalyst, Luminescence, Spectroelectrochemistry, Metal Adsorption
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ashish Kumar
Department of Chemistry
Lovely Professional University, IN
Material Science, Physical Chemistry, Chemical Kinetics, Catalysis, Organic Chemistry, Reaction and Mechanism, Green Chemistry, Corrosion Chemistry and Solution Thermodynamics
Dr. Lokesh Kumawat
Applied Chemistry Department
University of Johannesburg, ZA
Fluorescence Sensor, Colorimetric Sensor, PVC Membrane Sensor
Dr. Parvez Ali
Department of Health Studies
Riyadh Military Hospital, SA
Organic Synthesis, Green Chemistry, Bioinformatics
Dr. Brahim Houari
Department of Chemistry
Université de Saïda, DZ
Excited State Electronic Spectrum Charge, Ligand Substitution, Spin-Orbit Coupling, Luminescence
Assist. Prof. Dr. Wael Rabeh
Department of Chemistry
New York University Abu Dhabi, AE
Enzymology, Cancer Metabolism, Structural Biology
Prof. Dr. Dilgam Taghiyev
Nano and Electro Catalysis Reseach Center
Institute of Catalysis and Inorganic Chemistry, AZ
Catalysis and Inorganic Chemistry
Prof. Dr. Faris Abachi
Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
University of Mosul, IQ
pharmaceutical chemistry
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Michael Gozin
School of Chemistry, Faculty of Exact Sciences
Tel Aviv University, IL
Energetic Material
Prof. Dr. Vasile Parvulescu
Faculty of Chemistry
University of Bucharest, RO
Organic Chemistry, Biochemistryand Catalysis, Catalysis and Catalytic Processes
Prof. Dr. Camelia Bala
Faculty of Chemistry
University of Bucharest, RO
analytical electrochemistry, nanostructured electrochemical interfaces, design and characterization of electrochemical sensors and biosensors, bioanalytical chemistry
Dr. Husssain Mohammad
Water Research Center
Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research, KW
Municipal and industrial wastewater treatment
Dr. Strahinja Kovačević
Department of Applied and Engineering Chemistry
University of Novi Sad, RS
Chemometrics, Molecular Modeling, QSAR, QSRR, Food Engineering, Food Chemistry, Chromatography, HPLC, TLC, Biologically Active Compounds.
Dr. Dhiraj Devidas Bhatia
Department of Chemical Biology
Institut Curie, FR
Structural DNA Nanotechnology, Cell Biology
Assist. Prof. Dr. Protibha Nath Banerjee
Department of Chemistry
The University of Dodoma, TZ
Biorefinery of Lignocellulosic biomasses, Bioethanol production, Pretreatment technologies, Process chemistry
Prof. Dr. Manar E. A.Raouf
Department of Petroleum Applications
EPRI - Egyptian Petroleum Research Institute, EG
Polymer , Hydrogel
Dr. Tongsai Jamnongkan
Department of Chemistry
Kasetsart University, TH
Polymer Chemistry and Engineering, Hydrogel, Polymer Processing
Dr. Richa Tungal
Department of Research and Development
Nelson Brothers, LLC, US
Chemical, hydrothermal liquefaction of lignocellulosic biomass for biofuel generations. water in oil emulsions for mining industry,Emulsifier/surfactant synthesis and characterization and application in mining. Bio-oil from biomass upgradation
Dr. Hanan Aly
Cell Biology Department
National Research Centre, EG
Immunity, Parasitology, Cytogenetic, Medical analysis