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The Model Establishment and Analysis of TRACE/MELCOR for Kuosheng Nuclear Power Plant Spent Fuel Pool
W. S. Hsu, Y. Chiang, Y. S. Tseng, J. R. Wang, C. Shih, S. W. Chen
Satisfaction Evaluation on the Fundamental Public Services for a Large-Scale Indemnificatory Residential Community: A Case Study of Nanjing
Dezhi Li, Peng Cui, Bo Zhang, Tengyuan Chang
Fragility Assessment for Torsionally Asymmetric Buildings in Plan
S. Feli, S. Tavousi Tafreshi, A. Ghasemi
Development of Configuration Software of Space Environment Simulator Control System Based on Linux
Zhan Haiyang, Zhang Lei, Ning Juan
Image Retrieval Based on Multi-Feature Fusion for Heterogeneous Image Databases
N. W. U. D. Chathurani, Shlomo Geva, Vinod Chandran, Proboda Rajapaksha
Wear Behaviors of B4C and SiC Particle Reinforced AZ91 Magnesium Matrix Metal Composites
M. E. Turan, H. Zengin, E. Cevik, Y. Sun, Y. Turen, H. Ahlatci
Lubricating Grease from Waste Cooking Oil and Waste Motor Sludge
Aseem Rajvanshi, Pankaj Kumar Pandey
Effects of Corruption and Logistics Performance Inefficiencies on Container Throughput: The Latin America Case
Fernando Seabra, Giulia P. Flores, Karolina C. Gomes
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